Lukasz Korbasiewicz

5 tips on how to look good in photos – photography made easy


So you want to know how to look good in photos or make better photographs of other people? With these 10 rules you will improve drastically. Especially pt1 which is:

  1. Don’t do duckface. It’s ugly and stupid. Really… Next time you find yourself doing duckface just slap yourself really hard and wait for 15-30 minutes (you don’t want this huge red blemish on a photo… as you don’t want the duckface).
  2. Everything good with your face now? Good. Use long focal length. In most cases your face will not look good if taken with anything below 35mm (but it starts to look really good around 85..). If you don’t know what I am talking about now let me say it in different way: If you have a camera with optical zoom, tell the photographer to step back and zoom in. Your face will have better shape and proportions.
  3. Don’t look into the sun. It doesn’t look good when you have eyes full of tears and/or squinted.
  4. Don’t force smile. Tell a good joke that makes you laugh – you will look much better than with forced smile.
  5. Use dramatic lighting. Find a narrow slit of light in quite dark area or use a sunlight just before the sunset when the sun is really low. Try different poses and angles. Have fun and be original – who said that you have to look like everyone else? Don’t be boring!
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